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New & up-coming releases on No Fashion Records


NFR035 Insania-World Of Ice
NFR031 Allegiance-Vrede
NFR032 Hypocrite-Into The Halls Of The Blind
NFR036 Lobotomy-Born In Hell
NFR666 V/A-Where We Go Others Can Only Follow
NFR034 Noctes-Vexilla Regis... (OUT June 21)
NFR033 Lord Belial-Unholy Crusade (OUT June 21)


NFR038 Vassago- Knights From Hell
NFR039 Dark Funeral-Teach Children To... "Cover Ep"
NFR040 Fester-Silence (re-mastered + bonus tracks)
Dark Funeral-S/T (re-release of the legendary debut mini-CD. With new layout & photos. Including 2 bonus tracks and lyrics. A must for the true Black Metal fan !)

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