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Ultime Uscite - Novità
Tracks: Retribution, Fatalist, Prophecy, Synthetic Forms, Falling, Don't Trust Anyone, Unknown Dreams, Torched, Machine Slave, Silent Ceremony / "Stalker".
Notes: After the successful release of the electro-pioneers Front 242, we are glad to welcome on Minus Habens another legend: Front Line Assembly. Beside their exceptional status within the electro/industrial scene it is primarily the music, which lead Front Line Assembly to cult-status. 'Implode' impressively proves, that Front Line Assembly are back again, >stronger than ever. Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson go back to the roots, roots like 'Tactical Neural Implant', 'Caustic Grip' or 'Hard Wired', dealing with new mysterious entities. 12 dangerous audiocreatures are migrating from their nest to penetrate our flesh. A terrible insect-driven global mutation. The album contains the definitive club-smashers 'Retribution', 'Falling', 'Machine Slave', 'Synthetic Forms' or 'Unknown Dreams', not to forget the single 'Prophecy'. It builds upon all of the great music they have created in the past, but now embraces a darker sound than we have heard in recent years.

Tracks: Do you like sport?, Latin Lover, Sdreuss, Choco Surfer, Domenica Inn, Adidas Groove, Flex, Doh Bratz, F.M.B., Sooper Chic.
Notes: After spending ten years getting involved with the New York No Wave and the Brooklyn electro scenes, Georgio Vocoder comes up with his first solo album. You'll find Georgio's early tracks straight out the eighties band Sandie Black Out plus some new tracks composed in his New york studio. Twenty years of stimulating electronic experience are mashed up by this latino american weirdo. This is definitely the very sound of the City of the cities. In 'Sports' you'll get in touch with technicolor liquids, intense vibes, refined beats, flashing visions and bad smells, the perfect musical enviroment for the urban survivor. The right blend between old vintage drum machines and 80's analog synths plus the New York Jazz icon Warren Spano (guest starring on FMB and Latin Lover), give to this album a great range of amazing inspired tunes.

NIGHTMARE LODGE "Luminescence" - MHCD029 - CD
Tracks: Tuesday Night, Carillon Recall, This Dangerous Affair, Revelation - Segment A, Mirage V, Obsession: The Babywolf (T.I.B.E.T.), False Light - Segment B, The Inner Voice, Luminescence, It Passed Like A Dream.
Notes: No words needed to present the work done by Nightmare Lodge, which is one of the most interesting and known bands with their unique sound. They use strings, brasses, percussions and multi-layered sounds to create mysterious and disquieting moods and atmospheres. The wonderful quality of these new ten recordings of Ivan Iusco and Russolo is hard to describe, let's just say filmic. Nightmare Lodge draw their inspiration from the spectacle of the decadent contemporary world, seeing the vortex of events and consequences as source material from which to fashion a temporary form of reality. "Nightmare Lodge have the ability to present darkness without angst" says ALTERNATIVE PRESS magazine from United States. Luminescence is the place where Eros and Thanatos are grafted together in an embrace that reaches from the cradle to the grave. This is quite an amazing and very effective work: a recommended choice.

URBAN FLOWERS (E-Play Italy 1999) CD
E-Play, the famous Italian avantgarde clothing company, presents its new summer 99 catalogue "Urban Flowers/Exterior Design" with a CD audio created in conjunction with Minus Habens Records. This special release is out now and is distributed FREELY in over 800 worldwide selected shops. It offers to the E-Play(ers) a unique taste of contemporary audio and sensitive experience.

EDMONDO "HoboMusique" - MHCD035 - CD
Tracks: Mao Tse, Quad, Jet Pet, Terminal, Idra, Su, Tamrit, Virola, Rid Of Freedom.
Notes: After an introducing 12 inches on Schema Records in 97, Edmondo finally present their debut album. It consists of nine tracks: plenty of invention and great variety. An entrancing organization of sounds. Their cooking method has yielded a fascinating release rich of tasteful new flavours. Electric desires and low-tech meditations are joined by pleasing pulsations and deliciously dark layers as the neural network of a doll in love. Minimal melodies flow through swell urban rhythms. Elasticized beats and stretching bass tones meets beatless zones where foreground elements are smooth and sophisticated. In the near future when we will voyage through the quadrants of the known universe, this is the music everyone should listen drinking at the starship bar. In the meantime HoboMusique will satisfy a wide range of terrestrial listeners.

FRONT 242 "Re:boot '98" - MHCD036 - CD
Tracks: Happiness, Masterhit, Moldavia, Melt, Soul Manager, No Shuffle, In Rhythmus Bleiben, Crapage, Body To Body, Religion, Headhunter, Welcome To Paradise, First In First Out, Punish Your Machine, Motion, Religion (exclusive version).
Notes: Front 242 (founded in 1981) are for sure one of the most influencing bands in the industrial/ebm/techno scene. 'Re:boot '98' provides an excellent retrospective of the works of this seminal outfit. Better than a "greatest hits" package, this album contains a complete report from recent European performances. 'Re:boot '98' Italian version includes 3.
Extratracks: Punish Your Machine, Motion and Religion-exclusive version. Daniel B., Patrick Codenys, J.L. DeMeyer and Richard 23 have unchained all their power forcing the human biological system at maximum levels. 16 reworked live tracks, 78 minutes. Excellent audio quality.

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