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Nome del Gruppo Visualizza il profilo di IVAN HEART IVAN HEART
Numero di componenti
Genere musicale Rock
Città di origine
Formazione Tipo
Anno di fondazione 2004
Uscite Discografiche OUVERTURE EXTRAVAGANZA - 2011
Sito Web

Storia del gruppo
Ivan Heart was born in Bari, (Italy), on July 27, 1977. His career began at an early age. He was gifted with a tenor leggero voice and studied for years the Italian Bel Canto technique. While cultivating his passion for classical music, Ivan discovered the overwhelming energy of Rock! Here's Johann Sebastian Bach taking up an elecric guitar: a sublime blend of concertante style and explosive energy vibrations. Numerous collaborations with rock/metal/progressive bands followed and Ivan could finally release his compositor-nature by arranging for singer-songwriters and bands, but also scoring the soundtracks to different projects regarding cinema and photographic art. From that creative unrest to the solo project was but a short step. Classical, rock and electronic music mix and grow into new seductive musical dimensions, sometimes characterized by harsh, sharp nuances: "symphonic rock" is the right definition. The live show, always backed by a high-class and professional band, is the maximum expression of Ivan Heart's explosive energy. That same energy that in 2010 brought him to the prestigious stage of the Heineken Jammin' Festival in Venice, opening to headliners The Black Eyed Peas and Massive Attack. Summer 2010 Ivan Heart was guest on Tv shows on RockTv channel, then proceeded with other live shows and national festivals, to end with a performance on stage with Rezophonic, on their summer tour. In 2011 his first album "Ouverture Extravaganza" is released. 11 tracks of intense emotional impact will guide the listener through a dreamlike world ruled by musical contaminations. It's a place where the Artist releases his soul, the one who vibrates for the love of music itself.

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