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The following is a new federal Anti-Ecstacy bill which proposes increased penalties for ecstasy use. This bill will also make it a federal crime to disseminate harm reduction and/or responsible use information concerning ecstasy and other controlled substances, including medical marijuana.

This legislation is similar in nature to the Anti-methamphetamine bill which is also in the process of being passed.

For further details on the Anti-Ecstacy bill and how to oppose it, please go to: http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/lawlibrary/bills/

For further details on the Anti-methamphetamine bill and how to oppose it, please go to: http://www.drcnet.org/freespeech/

Acting against these bills will help to prevent the increasing attack on Freedom of Speech and basic civil liberties in America, as well as protect citizen's rights to access information on the safe and responsible use of drugs.


New Federal Anti-Ecstasy Bill Extends ³Zero-Tolerance² to Criminalize Free Speech

CALIFORNIA -- Following the lead of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), US Customs, and the DEA, and prompted by recent media attention regarding the drug ecstasy (MDMA), Senator Bob Graham of Florida (along with co-sponsors Grassley, Thomas and Biden) have introduced legislation calling for stiffer prison terms for ecstasy-related offenses and a blackout on certain information concerning the drug.

Under The Ecstasy Anti-Proliferation Act of 2000 (S 2612):
1. Federal sentences for ecstasy-related offenses would be significantly increased so that they are equal to the punishment imposed for federal methamphetamine-related offenses. (Another section of the Bill orders increased punishment for GHB and GBL-related offenses).

2. Certain information concerning any ³controlled substance² - not just ecstasy‹would effectively be outlawed. Specifically, Section 6 of the Ecstasy Anti-Proliferation Act would make it a federal crime, punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine, to:
(a) teach or demonstrate the manufacture of a controlled substance, or to distribute by any means information pertaining to, in whole or in part, the manufacture, acquisition, or use of a controlled substance, with the intent that the teaching, demonstration, or information be used for, or in furtherance of, an activity that constitutes a crime; or
(b) teach or demonstrate to any person the manufacture of a controlled substance, or to distribute to any person, by any means, information pertaining to, in whole or in part, the manufacture, acquisition, or use of a controlled substance, knowing or having reason to know that such person intends to use the teaching, demonstration, or information for, or in furtherance of, an activity that constitutes an offense."

Similar to the anti-methamphetamine bills currently pending in the House and Senate, The Ecstasy Anti-Proliferation Act would make it a federal crime to disseminate harm reduction and/or responsible use information concerning ecstasy and other controlled substances, including medical marijuana.

³The Ecstasy Anti-Proliferation Act ought to be renamed the Harm-Enhancement Anti-Free Speech Act,² said Richard Glen Boire, an attorney with the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, a law and policy center based in California. ³Many of the deaths associated with MDMA can, in part, be attributed to the government¹s zero-tolerance drug policy, which makes it hard for ecstasy users to get accurate information about how to reduce the harms associated with ecstasy use. Criminalization has also produced a black market with wide-spread adulteration of the pills and powders that are sold as Œecstasy.¹ Threatening to put someone in prison for ten years for disseminating harm reduction information about ecstasy (or any other drug), not only violates the First Amendment, it puts our children at increased risk.²

Currently, federal sentencing guidelines recognize that not all controlled substances pose the same harms, and that offenses involving the most harmful substances should receive the harshest punishment. For example, crimes involving marijuana are treated less harshly than the same crimes involving cocaine.

"Inasmuch as the drug ecstasy is nonaddictive and is not associated with violence, it makes no sense to equate it with methamphetamine - a drug which is highly addictive and which can produce violent behavior in some users," said Boire. "There is simply no comparison between ecstasy and methamphetamine."

Prior to being outlawed (and before it was given the street name ³ Ecstasy²) MDMA showed promise as an adjunct to psychotherapy. However, since its outlawing in 1988 [fn1], scientific research on the drug has ground to a halt while illegal use has skyrocketed. On March 12 of this year, the US Customs Office reported that seizures of ecstasy bound for the United States soared in the first three months of 2000.

³Outlawing MDMA has been a total failure,² said Boire. ³Rather than ratchet up the punishment for ecstasy offenses, and scurry to outlaw important information about the drug, Congress ought to be considering a realistic and workable policy that is aimed at providing as much accurate information as possible and which aims to reduce the harm associated with using ecstasy. The current 'zero-tolerance' Prohibition policy is irresponsible, unworkable, and exacerbates the problems that drugs such as ecstasy pose to individuals and to society.²


1. An attempt by the DEA to control MDMA in 1985 was declared invlaid on September 18, 1987, by the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. (See Lester Grinspoon, M.D., Petitioner, v. Drug Enforcement Administration, Respondent (1st Cir. 1987) 828 F.2d 881.) Following the decision, MDMA was officially placed in Schedule I effective March 23, 1988.

About the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics

The Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics is a nonprofit law and policy center working in the public interest to protect fundamental civil liberties. The Center seeks to foster cognitive liberty - the basic human right to unrestrained independent thinking, including the right to control one¹s own mental processes and to experience the full spectrum of possible thought.

Contact Information:
Web-site: www.alchemind.org
Telephone: 1-888-950-MIND (6463)
Fax: 530-686-8265
e-mail: info@alchemind.org

    CHAIN D.L.K. is selecting 15 bands for the next CD compilation

CHAIN D.L.K. is selecting 15 bands for the next CD compilation and we would like to know if you are interested in appearing on our CD. Please note that we accept ONLY following music styles: electronics, industrial, ambient, dark, techno, trance, gothic, electro-metal, industrial-metal, experimental, synthpop, experimental, hard industrial noise, tribal and other similar genres (no metal, punk, hc, blues, rock etc... sorry).
The CD will be enclosed to the magazine, distributed and sold all over the world. The print run will range from a minimum of 1500 to 3000 copies.
The advantages of taking part to this CD for your band will be the following one:
- you will receive 50 FREE COPIES of the CD + magazine for your personal use (you can re-sell them to gain money or give them away to whoever you want as promotion...)
- song on a CD enclosed to a widely appreciated and renowed magazine - worldwide distribution through major companies such as Audioglobe (official distributor), Amazon.com and many others
- website support
- exposure on the magazine (your band will receive a space in the magazine featuring logo, biography, band picture and full contact What we ask in exchange for this service:
- the CD is a pay-to-play compilation and the one-time fee is US$180 + postage (postage is intended to cover shipping costs to mail you the 50 free copies and ranges from $40 to $150 according to what shipping method you choose; surface, air mail, express courieer)
- a song on DAT or CD not longer than 4'30" (if you want to have a longer song onthe CD you must pay an extra $10 fee for each additional 10 seconds portion)
This is a serious offer. We have contracts which will give you guarantees and we already released 2 issues with a CD compilation who have been COMPLETELY SOLD OUT after three months only!!!

Think about the great exposure and advantages of having your song on a worldwide promoted and distributed CD enclosed to a renowed magazine and thus sold at a lower price than regular CD's and affordable to anyone all over the world... Your song will reach the five continents of the world and your band will have great exposure together with bands from all over the world and famous bands too!

Go to our website an give a look! (please note that the website is being completely re-designed right now and so you will see an old version of the website... but it will help you have an idea)

E-Mail : marc@chaindlk.com

    Valve Central

Greetings Valvers! RadioValve is proud to announce the re-launching of the station in phine phashion. We've upgraded our look, and we're boasting that our new RealAudio sound quality is "loudest on the Net" thanks to our alliance with Broadcast Electronics using their E-Stream technology as well as our new beefy 32.5kbps G2 stream. There are lots of phun new items that we've added to the site as well, including a feature interview with master of Trance, Paul van Dyk, so be sure to give it a peek and a listen.

Join us tonight from 7-9pm MST for one of our newest live program additions, Digital Arena, exploring eclectic electronic formats each week hosted by Mad Wax and the Vinyl Groove Collective, along with special guests.
Mondays we feature live Goa Trance with DJ Cause, Illclectic Qaballaroom live on Wednesdays with DJ E23, experimental retronica sounds on Thursdays, live with The pHarmanaut on Subharmonic, and every Friday join us for Hip-Tuggin', a deliciously soulful romp through Deep House sounds brought to you by the SPANKollektiv DJ crew. And of course, we still feature round-the-clock programming with all our other diversified global DJ sets, music magazines and feature programs. The message is simple: Turn It On!

Go to Valve Central WEB Site


Digimusic Magazine Music Mall
Starting February 14th 2000: TV only on the internet for the first time ever! The webcast of “Extreme,” a television sitcom-style show that follows the adventures of three Italian girls, will be the first of its kind in the world; the weekly webcast of a sitcom exclusively on the web. Anyone around the world will be able to follow the adventures of these most extreme girls just by clicking on www.digimusic.net!

“Extreme” is the story of three girls who meet on the Internet and decide to meet in person, spending a week in an “extreme sports” center. Action, adventure, friendship, and some pretty wild athletics are the ingredients of this series that pushes the envelope of productions made for the web. Beginning with the second series, currently in production, it will even be possible to interact with the story itself by choosing from several different endings! This production really makes use of the possibilities afforded only by the web.

    The Celebrity Cafe

On-line magazine with some of the best entertainment interviews on the net.

Click here to go to the Celebrity Cafe.
Interviews with your favorite celebrities, search engine,
top 20 lists, quotes, mailing lists, and more...


MARINA - Bio 12-1-99 MARINA is a woman of the new millennium: powerful, beautiful, dynamic in her roles as a top-charting dance music diva, acclaimed choreographer, and mother of three. This artist/producer is also a classically trained multi-instrumentalist (violin, keyboards, voice), professional dancer, trend-setter, and co-owner (with her husband) of an 11,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art TV/radio advertising production company in Midtown Manhattan, Kamen Entertainment Group/MRK Records.

Marina Action Against AIDS - High School Tour 2000

MARINA, will be performing and acting as host to this year's ACTION AGAINST AIDS 2000 "Edutainment" PROGRAM….. "Our goal this year is to reach 20,000 High School kids with AIDS information presented in an entertaining High NRG dance program designed specifically for them" says MARINA, "I am excited about the opportunity to help effect children's' futures. My oldest son is 14 years old, so I feel I am living the concerns of all mothers throughout this country". Starting Monday, May 15th Action Against Aids will kick off its tour visiting various Public High Schools throughout the NY area and then going across the country informing our teens about HIV/Aids & STDs.The program combines live performances and "straight talk" by recording artists, informational discussions with AIDS educators and pep talks by popular sports figures. Each student is encouraged to join in an open question and answer period about AIDS with the program's participants.

Participants already online with the year 2000 project include: Radio station WBLS and record labels MRK Records, RCA Records and Motown/Universal. Kamen Entertainment Group (production Company) and The Lord Group (Advertising Agency) are supplying all technical and administrative support for the tour and the Action Against AIDS foundation.

In addition to MARINA's live performances, cable TV show and release of her full length CD, "Um Lotty Da", MARINA was recently featured in the March 2000 issue of "First For Women" magazine and is currently being featured in the Spring 2000 issue of "Walking Off The Weight" magazine - a division of Family Circle.


1. MRK Records is proud to announce 2 new releases from MARINA.
"UNDER HER COVERS" - a set of Hi-NRG dance/pop gems of current and classic hit songs AND "THE MIXES" - a collection of remixes found on 4 different maxi single releases - all on 1 CD.

Here are some Real Audio samples.
Foolish Games - Jewel's hit song
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - The Anne Lenox & Aretha Franklins Classic
Do Ya Wanna Dance? - Bobby Freeman's classic hit
Fly - Sugar Ray's Megahit
Get Up Stand Up - Bob Marley's all time classic
Promos for radio MDs only are available from rkamen@kamen.com
CDs, Custom CDs and Digital Downloads are available from www.mrkrecords.com

2. The Billboard Dance Summit is being held in our home town this year - New York City. Anyone that wants to meet MARINA and take a tour of our Times Square recording studios is more than welcome. Please call me at 212-575-4660 for an appointment.

Marina E-mail for info:
Marina - MRK Records - Roy Kamen
- Roy Kamen II
Or Martha at phone 212-575-4660

For more information and to see pics and video from last week visit our websites at:

    Jazz Clubs Worldwide

Explore the global jazz scene
Jazz Clubs Worldwide will have been online for thre years this coming November. It has grown during that time from a very modest listing to a presentation of more than 3000 jazz clubs. However, much of this development could not have taken place without my receiving the emails I get on a daily basis giving me new and updated information. Many thanks all contributors, it is very much appreciated.
Recent additons the Jazz Clubs Worldwide have been a festivals listing, this has proved to be very popular. Also: Free classified advertising service, 'What's new'. Info about agents and record labels. Net radio. These various features will continue to expand over the coming months.
Still looking for contributions for my 'News Pages'. I need chat, gossip, what goes in and around your country and your scene. Would like to have regular reports, say once a month. But any contributions will be most welcome. Material can be editied so do not worry overmuch about the general presentation. Please email me if you are interested: pmaguire@jazz-clubs-worldwide.com.
We now have are own server. Jazz Clubs Worldwide will be transfered to it within the next couple of weeks. This is a positive move that should provide faster access speeds and opens up the possibilities of 'streaming audio' later this year.

Web: www.jazz-clubs-worldwide.com

    The LONDON Dj Resident

Hanover Grand Club (House,Garage,R'n'B)
Alex H has each and every Thursday on the "Next big thing". These events attract clients like Calvin Klein (A private party),Mick Hucknel from Simply Red, Rob Williams (ex. Take That) and a massive croud of more than a 1000 clubbers each and every week. His success has grown from streanth to streanth every year. It is one of London's nominated best club of 98 by MixMag and presents the Pepsi Chart's every week to the UK on national TV.
Pacha Club (IBIZA) (House, Garage, Drum'n'Base, R'nB everything goes.)
During the launch of his new white lable - Labtec - Alex H was invided to support the club during the summer period with other world tallented DJ's in Spain. The clubbers Island Ibiza. This event attracted more that 100,000 local radio listners to the event and a massive croud of more that 3000 clubbers on just one evening. The club promoter asked me to play again the following night. That's saying something.
Chocklate Club
This is a new event each and every week on a Friday. The event will be moving to a different location as the capacity of the croud at the from door is over fludding with new members. The current capacity is 1000 over two floors. The new event will be held at the Ministry of Sound.
Other attendedce have been: Club ICINY, Browns (Puff Daddy Club), Lepard Lounge (Disco Funk house), Embargo (Disco Funk house) Heaven (Gay - Trance,Techno, Progressive)and Monthly clubs include The Temple with DJ Rev, Northy, Fruty, Ritch @ M.O.S.
The Radio Show on 106.9FM
With this success Alex H has been asked to braudcast on a Pirate Radio called 106.9 .This Radio has a listneing attendance of over 10,000 per set.

For further information contact:
Karolina Haas: e-mail Karolina.Haas@btinternet.com
Tel. 0044.1753.860970

    The Best of Independent American Music

Just thought you might like to know that "The Best of Independent American Music" MP3 CD is now available at www.musicmatch.com/cd/buy5.html. We think it's the finest and most extensive collection of independent music ever compiled on a single CD - composed of 152 full length, CD quality tracks from 152 great independent musicians from all over North America.
Headline artists include the legendary Janis Ian, double platinum singer/songwriter, Jana Stanfield, Musician Magazine's "Best Unsigned Band" Karen Savoca and the Mind's Eye, and Bill Mize, winner of the National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition.

For further information contact:
Dennis at MusicMatch: e-mail dennism@musicmatch.com