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11/10/2007 - Gio 11.10.07 JOAN RIBAS from Cafè del Mar @ LOFT Roma (RM)
www.B-YOURSELF.it >>>Gio 11.10.07 JOAN RIBAS from Cafè del Mar @ LOFT Roma
Giovedì 11 ottobre 2007

Riduzione esclusivamente in lista *TOMMY B-YOURSELF*.

JOAN RIBAS was born in Ibiza in July of 1.963. From very young he knew clearly that its future would be related to music and with 15 years starts to collaborate with the only radio station in Ibiza (Radio Popular) collaborating with a show called ONDA VIVA. At the beginning of 80's he was working in legendary FLIP MUSIC, the first record store of the island that began to bring import music, at the same time he began to djying in the bars of Ibiza old town, mainly in AKELARRE BAR, one of the mythics. In year 84 he was contracted by PACHA and there he was dj resident of uninterrupted way until year 2.000, sharing booth with PIPPI, CESAR DE MELERO, and many other international dj’s. In PACHA was resident dj with PITI URGELL from the legendary party FLOWER POWER and was the creator with VAUGHAN, and resident dj during 8 years, at EL CIELO de PACHA (Funky Room). 17 years working at PACHA IBIZA with the best djs in one of the best clubs of all times. On 90’s he runs a couple of musical radio shows at Radio Diario de Ibiza and keep playing at PACHA IBIZA. In 2000 starts to play as a free lance dj with a weekly residence at CAFÉ DEL MAR, and to collaborate with other great clubs and bars of the island as SPACE, PACHA, PRIVILEGE, LAS DALIAS, ES PARADIS, BAR GRIAL, EDEN, etc, etc.... And of course in a tours playin' his sets in all the best clubs in Europe and events as MTV partys with Cafe del Mar at STOCKHOLM (2000) and EDINBURGH (2003). Last years stars to produce house music with his band MILESART ORCHESTRA (Manu Diaz on guitar , Florencio Cruz on sax, and Thomas Szazs on keyboards). On 2006 starts with his daily radio show HOUSEVIBES at IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO. Actually is one of the resident djs from HOUSEWORLD (a weely party at PACHA) and has his weekly sundays residence at SPACE. Twice a month with his smooth dj session at CAFÉ DEL MAR. And last but not least, for those who likes old stuff, plays every thursday at LAS DALIAS -LOVE GENERATION- with disco tunes and classic dance sounds. His style goes from the deep jazzy grooves, the house more disco funk up to the sounds more underground and electronic. His long life as a dj allows him to adapt to any kind of audience.

Riduzione solo in lista “TOMMY B-YOURSELF”. Per info OMAGGI, tavoli, liste e consumazioni:
TEL: Tommy 3382476809
E-MAIL: Tommy@b-yourself.it
MSN: b-yourself@hotmail.it
SITO: www.b-yourself.it

Via Libetta 13 - Ostiense

Contact: Tommy
Tel : 3382476809
Web Address: www.b-yourself.it

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