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Descrizione Tommy Boccuto began his career by dee-jay in 1989 working for 18 years in several popular clubs all over Italy, until you get over the years in various clubs of European fame, proposing and experimenting with his sound house / electro. As a producer in May 2003 he collaborated with the label 9records realizing "The Guitar" (promo 12 "), in October of the same year he released his song titled" Tommy Sound "on the compilation mixed" BELONG THE END ", output CD label on 9RECORDS, another debut in September 2006 entitled "Esti" in the compilation "Morfeo" in December 2006 "Reach" on the compilation "tRAILS" in December 2012 he made his debut with his first mini album "ENDRENALIN" label on Zimbalam containing two tracks original mix "full of endrenalin" - light up the night. "He currently performs in southern Italy and conducts a radio broadcast" Trend Deep "which deals with house music reviews and founded his own label B74 records ....!
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