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I servizi dedicati alle discoteche e ai locali notturni in genere, con informazioni rivolte ai professionisti che vi lavorano e a chi dovesse rivolgersi per le più svariate occasioni.

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100% Isis US
2000 NET for the entertainment
313.sigma6.com Midi music new elektronica and tekno
Abound US
Anuario de la Discoteca Espana información
Aqua Mania Page UK
Associazione Fonografi Italiani
Associazione Italiana Professionisti dello Spettacolo Cultura
Battle Sounds working on a documentary about hip-hop DJs
BB-entertainers Useful links, information and directory of beginning entertainers and musicians UK
BB-entertainers UK
Beat Junkies US turntablist crew featuring DJs
Bellissime.com Modelle, Attrici, Promoter Italy
Beyond Sight Dj stuff 4sale
Canada Disk and Tape Pressing/Duplication
CDMAN Pressing/Duplication
Cool Breeze Systems Creator of Digital Audio Workstation training on CD-ROM
Dadara Netherland
Dancing Baby US
Diamondisc Audio For vinyl and digital mastering from analog tape or DAT
Digital Disc Manufacturing Pressing/Duplication
Digital Insight Mastering For vinyl and digital mastering from analog tape or DAT
DiscMakers Pressing/Duplication
Disco Discography Encyclopedia of disco
Disco Rama About the 70s
Disco Step By Step First television show in the world dedicated to disco music. Site has many Real Audio dance music files and video segments of the show.
Discobox Programma musicale
Dj QuEsT's Door US
Dj Top 100 I siti dei migliori DJs
Doogie's Site House
Elements (Aftehour Elements) Italian ambient/techno/trance
Fat Tracks Pressing/Duplication
Flux Television TV show underground dance music
Freestyle Music US resources
FreQ International electronic music forum
Gentle People US
Gigaplex Entertainment/pleasure-related web complex
Griffin Internet Uk resources Ra
Groovalicious Techno-House-Ambient Midi Music
Groove Moda, musica, abbigliamento per la nuova generazione.
Groove Technologie
Grooverider US
HalluciNet Covers a broad array
History of Music Disco
Home Recording Home recording tips and techniques
ICCA Pressing/Duplication
Invisibl Skratch Piklz US featuring DJs
Italian Nights Notti Italiane
Kshatriya Sounds
LaserSLT LaserSLT-Noleggio laser proiettori Tel. 081-993241 Fax 081-3331684 Cont. Sergio La Torraca
LDI2001 rade show for audio, lighting, special effects, video projection. Orlando, Florida USA November 2-4, 2001. Call 303-741-2901 for more information.
Links,chat room,information and directory of new and established entertainers
Lipovitan energy drink Germany
Liquid Soundlounge US
Magnetic Air Manufacturing Pressing/Duplication
Martian's Chewns PC techno musician
Masta J'z Domain US
MasterMakers For vinyl and digital mastering from analog tape or DAT
Masters at Work US
Match Music Machine
Mining Vinyl US
Mix Montreal Canada
Mo's Music Machine UK lotsa infos, new trax etc.
Mowax US
Music Business Solutions
MusicScape Broadcasting live sounds
Muzic Heist US
National Tape & Disc Pressing/Duplication
Nebula Nine
Netmix Mix house/dance music program
Odyssey Stickers Custom Merchandise
Olde West Recording Pressing/Duplication
OverIt Multimedia Pressing/Duplication
Performances per discoteche sito dedicato alle performances per discoteche ideate da Camillo il Grande
Planet Nation
Platinum Bound Duality
Popstation US
Rumdogs Crew Mix tape Manhattan
ShaketBabee US Hip Hop Productions
SilverChair US
SLD Music US
Solid Distribution Music OneStop Canada
Take Off
TazZone-Elite-Music -Fast-Smokin-Fast US
Testpress.com US
The Beta Lounge
The End of the World
The I-Ramp US
The Rush Hour Weekly radio show
The Step Syndicate
True Playa’z Music UK
Urban Groove US
US Optical Pressing/Duplication
Video Game Music Mania
Virtual Mind Alteration
Warez Universe's Mp3z
World Wide Club US
XLR8R Core
X-Mix US