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I servizi dedicati alle discoteche e ai locali notturni in genere, con informazioni rivolte ai professionisti che vi lavorano e a chi dovesse rivolgersi per le più svariate occasioni.

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100% Profesional Spain
23% Records US disco various
3 Beat Liverpool-UK
ACE Records UK
Acme Record Company Atlanta music retailers
Action Records Dance Preston-UK
Alley Tunes Victoria-Australia
Ameba San Francisco music retailers
Antitesi Musica in formato MP3
Bear Family German
Beat Street Records New York-US
Beats Cafe New York-US
Big Bro Records Netherland Cyberstore
Black Rhythm Records Netherlands, specialize in vinyl 12
Bonzai Records Belgium
BPM Music Factory San Francisco music retailers
Breakbeat Science New York-US
B-Side Unlimited Records & Tapes Illinois-US
Catflap records US
Cellophane Square Washington-US specializes in used CD's, tapes and records
Classified Records US
Clubwear House Record shop in Amsterdam
Cosmos Finland
DCL US House of Records
Delirium-Der Mission-Downtown-Space Hall-Sub Tec-HardWax-New Noise-Pillbox-Container-Klang-art Germany
Disc Drive Music US hits of the 80's, dance mixes of the 90's
Doctor Wax Chicago-US
E music California-US
Eightball The CyberShop US
Entity Record Shop Dortmund-Germany
Esprit International Limited CD mail order company UK
Essence Records Liverpool-UK
Eurohouse CD US import CD's, including dance, techno and EuroNRG
Finest Records and CDs US
Fletch's Flip-Side Records US Soul, Rock, Pop, Jazz & Funk
fnac Musique-UhBahn-B.P.M. France
Fourth world Scotland
Funky World Records Stafford
Galaxy Records US Trance, Hip Hop, Jungle, House, Ragga Hop, Acid Jazz, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Classics, Disco, and even Pop
German Music Express Netherlands specializing in CDs and CD singles
Global Village Music US Independent Record
Gramaphone Records Chicago-US
Hard To Find Records Birmingham-UK new house, garage, techno, handbag, disco, balearic, soul and hip hop.
In Your Ear Music US Top 40, Pop, Dance, Oldies and R&B from the 50's 80's
Inbeat Records Music shop in Montreal
Insomnia Records US indie and alternative records
Jacquet Sounds Toronto-Canada Dj compilations on monthly CD's
JellyFish Records France Purpose Maker distributor
Just Like Heaven Italy alternative music store
KiNETiK Greece
Lost Records Birmingham
Loud Copenhagen-Denmark
Mail-O-Disc Inc. New York-US
Megastore Videobutiken Sweden
Menace Corporation UK jungle/drum'n'bass labels, plus house, techno, trance and acid.
Mental Records Music mail order from San Francisco!
Midtown Records Netherlands
Mind Records Finland
Modern Music US selection of house, techno, triphop, industrial, gothic and ambient music
Mono Records Finland
Moonshine online catalog US
Mr Bongo's Latin/Hip Hop/Drum'n'bass
Music & Video Exchange London
Music Beat Records UK dance
Music Search Inc.s US vinyl of the 60's, 70's and 80's
Outland Records Netherlands house/club/garage
Pentagon CDs and Tapes US
Planet X New Jersey-US
Play De Record Toronto-Canada
Resonance Records Ft. Lauderdale music retailers
Rub-A-Dub Records Scotland
Satellite Recordings US House, Techno, Trance, Jungle, Trip Hop, Funky Breaks, Ambient, Hardcore, Acid and more
Schoolkid's Records Michigan-US
Secret Tunes Club UK International mail order company
Seventh Dimension Record store in Madison-US
SoS Records Techno, Trance, Acid, Goa, House, Ambient, Electro, Club, HiNRG, Pop, in vinyl, CD and tape format.
Sound Connection US
Sound Wire US Dj music store
Squash Records UK hard house, hard trance, techno.
Synaptic Records US-Denver
Tag Records London
Take Notes CD music retailers
Technique Elektro Mag Record shop in Japan
That CD & Tape Place US alternative and punk
The DJ Store Records, CD's and Karaoke equipment
The Internet Recordshop UK
Time Warp Record Store US jazz, blues, funk, dance, classical, rock, soul, popular
Timewarp Records UK jazz, drum'n'bass, latin, hip hop, trip hop
Tom's Records Florida-US
Tower Records Music retailers
Tunes Florida-US
Twelve Inch Dance Records and CDs US classics and dj remix services
UBL Stores US best resources
Unique Dist. US label 12 vinyl singles, CD singles, CD maxis etc.
Upstairs Records New York
Vintage Vinyl US
Vinyl Connection Massachusetts-US
Vinyl Research Upside
Vinyl Vendors US rare & collectable records, CDs, tapes, etc.
Vinylmania New York-US
Wolfram Video Inc. Wisconsin-US
Yesterday and Today Dance Music US underground house, garage, techno, ambient, trip-hop, trance, and classic dance disco.
Zanzibar Records Blackpool
Zolumbo Records US