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ICU Records


- ICU Records presents ICU - Session Two, 74 min of pure house music pleasure. continuously mixed by legendary Dj/Producer/Remixer Eddie Amador. Eddie Amador's recent club anthem "House Music" was licensed on four continents, and reached the #1 chart position in 12 countries !
ICU - Session Two includes hits like Eddie Amador's unreleased '99 version of "House Music", Joe T. Vannelli featuring Csilla "Play with the Voice"('99 mix), Harambee "Sweetest Day of May", Doc Martin's remix of Althea McQueen "I need Somebody New" and many more... This is Eddie's first mix CD !
Eddie Amador - Session Two is available everywhere in the US, March 9th '99 For more info check:

- ICU Records presents ICU - Session One, continuously mixed by Kimball Collins.
Mixed by world reknown DJ/Producer, Kimball Collins. Voted by BPM Culture Magazine as #1 Album before Underworld and Danny Tenaglia ! - see:
Kimball Collins - Session One is now available everywhere in the US. For more info check:

- ICU Promotion presents DeLuXe - Part III, May 1st '99, Los Angeles continuing the success of Deluxe I + II.
Line Up: Kimball Collins, Taylor, Christopher Lawrence, Jerry Bonham, Doran, Mark Lewis, Haktan O'nal, more talent to be announced.

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