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Sezione dedicata ai Djs, utile sia agli addetti ai lavori e a chi intendesse entrare in contatto con i professionisti del mondo della notte.

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>>> Label And Distributors <<<

Amor et Psyché Belgium
Apollo / R&S US ambient
R & S Records Apollo, Global Cuts, and Satori US
(:Smile:) Communications US techno
0db US ambient
100% Profesional Spain
20Hz San Francisco techno
A.L.P. US ambient
Aalborg Experimental techno Denmark
Acid Junkies Netherland
ACME Records US
Action Records Dance UK
Adelphoi Ltd. Uk
Aerial Recordings Australia
Alchemic Records France
Alien Records US ambient-trance-house
AM:PM Uk house
American Recordings US
Anubis Recordings US
Aquatec US ambient
Artifact Communications US
Asphodel and Sombient Records US ambient
Astralwerks US techno & ambient
Atomic City US
Barely Breaking Even UK
Barneys Records By Dancemania US
Beam Me Up! Records Netherland
Bear Music Factory German Version
Beat Service Norwey
Beverage Swedish dance-electronic
Beyond Records US ambient-electronic mood music
Big Bang UK house
Birdland Records Australia
Bitsound Online Records US
Black Dahlia Music US
Bliss Corporation Da Bliss Team
Blood And Fire Manchester reggae-dub
Bloody Fist Australia
Blow-up Germany
Blue Room Released UK psychedelic trance
Blue Rose Records US
Blueberry Records US house
BMG Ariola German dance
Bong Load Records US
Bonzai German techno
BOOM! Records US
Breakfast Records US
Broken Records America US
Cajual Chicago house
Cannonball Records US
Capricorn Records US
Ceiba San Francisco psy-trance
Central Station Australia
Cerberus Japan dance
Charles Schilling's label France
China Records UK disco
Chrome US
Chug 'n' Bump UK disco
City of Tribes Communications US ambient
Clan Analogue Australia ambient
Classified Records Union City CA
Clean Up Eclectic UK label
Cleopatra US
Club U Nite German House-Label
Clubscene Scottish hardcore
Clubware Records Switzerland
Clubwear House Netherland
CMS Music US ambient
Comatonse Recordings US ambient
Concrete UK techno
Core Dump Records US ambient
Cosmic Flux San Francisco dance
Cosmos Finland
Crammed Discs + Associated(RTM) Belgian umbrella
Crash Records Vinyl Peace Canada
Creation UK dance
Creative Vibes Australia
Crippled Dick Hot Wax US
CUE Records Netherland ambient
Cutting Records US
D.M.D. Entertainment, Inc. Artists and compilations
Dance Street US
Dance Street US
D-Boy Italy Hardcore-Virtual-HipHop
DCE Australia
Decibel US
DeConstruction Records UK dance
Deep Distribution US
DefJam Recordings US rap, hip-hop
DEM London house
Desert Rose Industries Netherlands-based
Digital Access Australia
DIKI Records Belgium
Dirty House Records Australia
Dirty House Records Australia
Disko B US
Distinctive UK
Division By Zero Austria
Dj Movement Remixer at Brescia
DJTraxx Web Site Email addresses to labels
DMD German techno
Dorobo Australia ambient
Doubtful Productions US
Downtown Records Germany
Dragonfly UK psychedelic trance
Dragonfly Records UK
DRB Productions US
Drohm Italy dance-progressive
Dum Records Finland
Dune Music electronic in Italy
DWA Records Italy dance
Eams Records Germany
East West UK dance
ECM US ambient
Eevo Lute Muzique Netherland
Effective Records UK new releases
Eightball Records Empire State Records
Electric Music Foundation American acid-trance
Electrobeat Records US
Electronic Music Foundation US
Elektra Records US
Elektrax Australia
Ellesdesia Records Netherland
EMI Dancesite US dance
Emissions Audio Output UK dance
Epidrome Records US house
Eros Euphony Inc. Progressive dance music US
Essential Noise US
ETV Network US
Extreme US ambient
Eye-Q Records Music techno/house
Fab Records Pure Dance Grooves Italy
F-Communications Records France
Feverpitch EMI's Dancesite US
Fifth Colvmn US
Fifth Dimensional Music US ambient
Filter US
Flex UK dance
Flip-It Records US
Fluid Records Australia
Flying Records Dance-pop
Flying Rhino UK-based site
Fogcity US
Force Inc US
Fourth Floor US disco
Fourth World Scotland
Freeze US house After Dark
Frogman US
Frontline UK drum & bass
Funky World US
Fused Eclectic UK label
Galaxy Records US
Galivant Media US ambient
Ganja UK dance
Gental Giant US ambient
Glitterhouse German
Global Headz US ambient
Go Beat UK dance
Go! Discs UK dance
Gourd Music US
Greensleeves UK reggae-ragga
Greyboy Soul and acid jazz
Grooveneedle Seattle-US
Gruvking Technologies US Dance/Re-mix
Guidance Recordings US dance
Halluci-Nation Records US underground
Hangars Liquides Hardcores
Hard Hands UK disco
Hard to find Records UK dance
Harthouse Records US
Headrush Music Productions Germany
Heavenly UK Heavenly Social
Help Wanted Productions US ambient
Henry Street Music US company
High Italy dance-progressive
High Test Canadian dance
Homerun Records Germany
Hot Tracks US only to professional DJ's
House Nation US house & garage
Hybrid Structure Productions US
Hydrogen Dukebox US Transcendental Love Machine
Hypnotic Records Denmark electronic dance music
ID&T Records Netherland
Ideal US
Impulse Promotion Dance promotion
In My House Generation Records, UK, label
InDepth Records US
Indochina/China UK dance
Input Records US
Intercord Records Germany
Internal Bass UK jazz-soul
Ionised Australia
Irdial-Discs UK dance
Irma Records Italian dance
Iron Beat Manifesto Japan
Isophlux US
IUMA: Record Labels US
J & Q Records Dance music Italy
Jasper Stone Records US house tracks
Jazz Focus Australia
Jellybean Benitez' US dance
JellyFish Records France
Juice Records Australia
Just Like Heaven Italy<
Kado Records US
Kamen Entertainment Group US
Karmic UK trance
Kickin' Records UK jungle-hardcore
KiNETiK Records Greece
Kk / Nova Zembla / Radical Ambient US ambient
KM20 US ambient
Kram Records and Productions US label
Krembo New York
Kudos UK leftfield dance
Kult Records New York
Kultbox Records US
LaFace Records US
Language Thorpe's dance Belgium
Lipstick & Jazzline US
Loaded Brighton house
Logic Records US ambient
Logic Records Germany
Loko Llama Australia
Loud Danmark
Love This Records UK
Low Spirit German techno-house
Maga Records Italian dance
Magick Eye US alternative dance
Magnetic US
Mama Records US dance
Manifest Records US
Manifold US ambient
Map Records New Canadian label
Marad Records Florida US
Master List of Links to Record Labels Indie & Major Labels
Masterbeat US
Masters at work US
Media Records Italian dance
Media/Power Station Commercial dance US
Megastore Videobutiken Sweden
Mego US ambient
Metalheadz UK dance
Metroplex Detroit techno
Metropolitan Recordsx US
Midtown Records< Dutch hardcore
Mille Plateaux US
Millennium UK techno
Mind Records Finland
Mindspore Records US
Ministry of Sound UK disco
Modern Music US
Modern Tracks US remix service for DJ's
Moll German
Mono Records Finland
Moonshine Music American techno-house
Motor Music German
Motown Records UK
Moving Shadow US
Mrk Records Techno World
Multipromo US ambient
Mushroom Records Australia
Music Guild Record Label US
Music Research German dance
Mute Records UK news and artists info
Napalm Records US
Narada US
Neoteric UK pop-dance
Nervous New York house-garage
Nettwerk Productions US
Neu German
New Albion US ambient
Ninja Tune US dance
Non-Stop Dance Mix Production Canada
Nordic Records California-US
Northcott Productions US Street Music and Progressive High
Nymphonic Records US
Oasis Canada ambient
OCG Underground Resistance Assistanze Belgium
Om Records US dance
Omnisonus France
On Point Productions US
One Movement Records Australia
On-U Sound US dance
Organico US
Outland Netherland disco
Outlandz Records Orlando-Florida-US
Ovum Records US
Oxygen Music Works New York dance
OZMOZ Records US
Ozone Records France
Pagan records US
Paper Recordings UK
Parlophone UK
Pelicore Visionz US
Peppermint Jam German home
Perfecto UK dance
Pipe US
Planet Dog Netherland dance
Planet E Carl Craig's techno US
Planet Earth Recording Co US
Planetworks Greece
Plastikworld Netherland
Platipus UK trance info Robert Miles
Play It Again Sam Records Netherland
PlinkPlonk US
Plus 8 Records US dance
POF French techno
Polydor Germany techno
Pomelo Records Austria
Pop Gun Records Austria
Porcelain Vortex US
Pork UK Hull's finest downtempo
Portland Independant Music Project US
Positiva UK
Power Station Recordings US
Praxis Records US
Pride Music Australia
Progressive High New York-US
Promo Only US only to qualified DJ's
Pschent France
PSY-Harmonics Australia
Radikal Records US disco
Radioactive Records US
Rage Records Australia
Rama Records US
Random Soun US ambient
Ray's Music Netherland
Razormaid! Productions US remix service for disc jockeys
Reach N' Records Charts, club info, hot links
React Music UK house-disco
Record Rack Houston
Recordings Of Substance UK jazz-jungle by James Hardway
Recycle or Die US
Red Phraug Modern Medium US ambient
Remix! Central US only to professional disc jockeys
Rephlex US dance
Replay Records UK
Republic Records Canada techno, trance, ambient
Resonance Records US dance
Resource York-based techno
Rige Entertainment Netherland
Riot Beats US
Robi Droli / Newtone Italian ambient
Robs Records US Music Network
RooArt Australia
Round Flat Records US
Rub-A-Dub Records Scotland
Sabrettes UK dance
Sahko Recordings Finland
Satellite Recordingss US grooves
Selector Paris-based drum & bass
Serotonin Records US
SFX German techno
Shewey Trax US dance
Shock Records Australia
Shuriken Records Japan
Silent Records San Francisco ambient/experimental
Silver Wheel Music US ambient
Sirius Music Australia
Skin UK breakbeat/drum'n'bass
Skint US dance
Skivhugget Sweden
Smokin' Beats UK garage/house
Solarworld Florida-US
Solid State Records UK
Som Italian dance
Sombient US ambient
Sonic Groove Records US
Sony S3 Sony's dance UK
SoS Records US break-jungle
Soul-Furic US disco
Sounds for People Records Miami Beach-Florida-US
Soundshaft Music Los Angeles-USA house music
Source London techno-ambient
Southern US
Spelunk Recordings US
Sperm Records London trance/house/techno
Spiral Wave/Onde-Spirale Canada Euro-dance artists
SSR Belgian techno-house-downtempoo
Stay Up Forever UK techno
Steppin' Out UK disco
Stickman Records US disco
Stip underground records UK
Stone Tiger Records US
Strictly Rhythm Strictly artists and producers US
Stupido Twins Finlandia
Subconscious Communications Vancouver-based label/artist
Sublime Japanese techno-drum'n'bass
Submerge Somewhere In Detroit
Sub-Up US
Sub-Urban US disco
Suburban Base US disco
Swim Colin Newman's electronic music UK
Synthetic Fruit Laboratory European techno
Tag Records UK disco
Tec UK disco
The Carrot /Chill Out US ambient
The DJ Messaging Center By John Avery
The House of House Netherland
The United Endangered Front US
Think Communications Australia
Thunder Bolt Records US Hip-Hop
Thunderdome Dutch label's hardcore-gabber
Time US disco
Time Italy disco
Tinrib London trance/nu-NRG
Tip London psy-trance
TMV Germany techno
Todd Italian dance label
Tokyo Tekno Tribe Japan
Tonezone Records US
Toulhouse Records French house
Trance Communications Italian trance
TRAX Records Chicago house
Tribal Records UK
Triloka Records US beat, jazz, new instrumental
Trip 'n Spin Recordings US
Trip Records US
Triptych Records US independent electronic
True Playa'z UK disco by Ganja Kru
Truelove labels collective Umbrella dance label organisation UK
Tunnel German Techno Online
Turnipseed Music US
TVT Records US
TWA Records Australia
Twisted US
Twitch Recordings San Francisco dance compilation
UberMusik Independant Record Label UK
Ubiquity Recordings US
UBL Record Labels US very important site
Ultimate Music UK
Ultimix US service for qualified DJ's
Ultra Violet San Francisco-US
Ultraschall US
UMM Underground-Deep-Soul
Ummo Records Japan ambient
Undaground Therapy US house, techno, rave, ambient
Under Cover Music Group US
Underground Construction Chicago
Underground Record Source Orlando list
Underground Resistance Netherland
Unidisc Canada
Union Record Company Dance-progressive
Unity Records US Dance
Universal Language Productions UK
Upstairs Records New York disco
Urban Hero UK
Vast Records Australia
Velocity US
Ventricle US ambient
Verve Interactive US acid jazz
Vestry Strictly Rhythm US
Vicious Vinyl Australia
Vinyl Edge US
Virgin US
Volume Trance Europe Express & Trance Atlantic UK
VoxPop Italy
Vutag Records The Vancouver Underground
Warp Sheffield-UK techno
Waveform American ambient-electronic mood music
Waxhead Strictly Rhythm UK
WaxTrax! Records US
Wonderland Records
Zac Music Italy Import Label
Zanzibar Records UK
Zomba ? Jive Netherland
Zonar Recordings Australia
Zwaar OK Records Netherland
ZYX Music Germany independent record